Gabrielle Richardson
About me 

Gabrielle Richardson, potter, sculpture, teacher.

I am an active and on the go person, always opened minded and eager to immerse myself in new skills. So when my close friend signed up for the City and Guilds course, I thought, why not?…That was 15 years ago and I have been using ceramics as a creative outlet ever since.


My work explores the experimental technique of sgraffito, using negative space, glazes and colours to produce work that captivates my audience. My refined and intricate designs play homage to that from the indigenous African and Mayan cultures, where my interest and inspiration are found.

My pottery merges form, function and aesthetic into one. Combining these elements allows each pot, plate and bowl to work not only as ornamental artworks but intimate and functioning household object as well.


I don't restrict myself to one particular style and also enjoy experimenting with sponge ware fruit and flower techniques. As a potter I am constantly wanting to challenge myself and my work and have more recently started focussing my attention on sculpture and the human form.


I have began teaching classes which allows me to share my knowledge, skills, and love for pottery in a social environment.

I love teaching, it’s so much fun. Being able to be at the beginning of someone’s journey is so up lifting.

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